THISIS50: STOOPS, welcome to THISIS50, and we’re excited to hear your journey. Let’s jump right into it, how has 2017 treated your music career thus far?

STOOPS: 2017 has been off the charts! I’ve been blessed to do what I love which is music, and him public reaction is overwhelming.  All our projects underneath the R2K umbrella are full throttle in 2017, and the streets are cosigning all our moves.

THISIS50: Let’s rewind the tape a little & discuss how your childhood affected and influence your career now. So, growing up what early influences shaped your love for music and how did your parents contribute? 

STOOPS: My childhood is filled with “rich soul,” strong parental roots, and hardline discipline. Music played a large part of my upbringing, and my influences range from everything from James Brown to Jay-Z. Sonically, I have always been in tune with my musical roots, and it reflects within my brand.

THISIS50: Describe the moment when you felt that music was too important to let go and you wanted it to be the “LIFE” for you?

STOOPS: Since my early childhood I’ve been a divided soul. Even though I have pursued secular jobs thus far, music is my career.  Since my teen years, I have known my destiny path.  Music is a 25/8 mental and physical grind for STOOPS, so really, I never had a “Plan B”.  #GETRICHORDIETRYIN baby!

THISIS50: You walk into the studio and go into the booth, and you begin to create “your art.” Explain the feeling and energy you feel in that MOMENT. Tell the people how you feel?

STOOPS: I feel another level of #FREEDOM in the studio.  Nobody can harm, stop, or slow down my musical gift during a studio session. As a real musician, the studio is a safe-haven and the most creativity place in the world.

THISIS50: Explain your writing process? Do you write things down? Do you write better at night?  Breakdown your blueprint?

STOOPS: Certain words that stick out in my mind I will write down.  Overall, my lyrics and thoughts free flow in a paperless format! My mind is shark-like, so it never stops moving. That’s the beautiful process of creating music and “expressing” your passion in the purest form.

THISIS50: The song you have playing on National Radio is “#FREEDOM”. Explain the meaning the record and why this record is so unique to you because you released it as a single.  Speak your truth baby!

STOOPS: #FREEDOM is a track that embodies the voice of Millennials worldwide. #FREEDOM details the true feelings, pain, passion, and future of millennials. #FREEDOM is an organic expression and underscores the importance of the first amendment.

THISIS50: Where can people stream & purchase your track FREEDOM?

STOOPS: #FREEDOM is available on all streaming platforms including TIDAL, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Rhapsody, Google Play & more.  The online reaction to #FREEDOM is incredible! #FREEDOM currently has over 100,000 Spotify streams, $2,000 Digital sales, and 300,000+ YouTube views in only 5 ½ months. The entire R2K label and brand are extremely humbled.

THISIS50: What is the next event or planned move for your brand?

STOOPS: #FREEDOM is our priority so our label R2KLA will continue to push the hell out of this track and take to BDS Radio worldwide. We’re networking with Program Director’s and presenting our EPK for larger market airplay.  We co-partnered with NEWHYPEBEAST MEDIA Group (a division of CERVO MEDIA Group Inc) and launched R2KLA TV. R2KLA is a Streaming TV Network available exclusively on Amazon Fire TV! R2KLA TV is designed and customized for the millennial viewing experience.  The R2K label and brand will showcase short films, music videos, documentaries, and more in 100+ countries.  R2KLA TV will extend its platform to Independent artists and digital content providers globally. It’s going to be a crazy and exciting 2017 for R2K!!

THISI50: Tell the people how to find you on Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook and please spell out all your social media handles slowly and loud.

STOOPS: @itsjuststoops is my handle on Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram!

THISIS50: Talk about your experience on THISIS50 & RAIRADIO Network thus far?

STOOPS: First off I could have never imagined relating to a company that was just as passionate about #FREEDOM than me! RAIRADIO, RADIOPUSHERS, RADIOPUSHERSTV, & NEWHYPEBEAST MEDIA Group are all about #RESULTSANDNOHYPE. Everything promised to my team has occurred and nothing was late. The CVO of the brand Jonathan P-Wright has ridden shotgun with our team throughout the entire process, and his business mentality is “50 Cent-like”. The guy is a visionary and lives in #BEASTMODE. Also, Patience Jay, the SVP of RAIRADIO/RADIOPUSHERS TV is freaking fantastic and well connected within the industry.

Being on THISIS50 is an honor, and 50 Cent is the personification of the #AMERICANDREAM.  G-UNIT, Jack Thriller, Effen Vodka, and the entire movement is legendary, and we’re honored to be featured on the blog.

THISIS50: People expect bigger things to come from “STOOPS” and keep your eyes on his journey! #FREEDOM is a winner, and the #BETAWARDS are next!

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